Friday, December 9, 2011

Week 1, and counting.

                Start            Week 1             Diff
Weight  102.1 kg           98.1 kg           4 kg          
Chest    113.5 cm        110.0 cm          3.5 cm
Waist    105.0 cm        101.0 cm          4.0 cm
Hips      133.0 cm        131.0 cm          2.0 cm
U arm     40.0 cm           38.0 cm         2.0 cm
Thigh      79.0 cm           77.5 cm         1.5 cm

Wow. What a week. I had all kinds of 'remedies' ready for hunger, or anything that might want to get in my way. But it was useless. You body just before it starts ketosis, is like a seriously unreasonable woman with PMS. You can try and negotiate, try and plea bargain with it... It just will do what it wants.

I didn't cheat. I didn't feel the need to. The only thing seriously wrong was the NO MEAT policy. I would have settled for some chicken flavour, but my allergy to eggs prevented me from the only meat flavour in the range. I was starting to miss chewing as well.  Between porridge, soups and shakes, there is really nothing to chew. I suckled on some ice, and gave it a chew for good measure.

And then day 3-4 hit me. It was death. He was standing at my window with a crazy look in his eyes... a look that would make me think... 'eat yourself, that isn't a sin'.  The detox phase arrived with a bang. I felt drained, sick, nauseous, tired, angry, excited, and a wide range of other feelings in waves. I wanted to give up. It wasn't too late. I could still say no, before ketosis arrived, but I knew. It has already started, this is just it's official banner. Detox in the form of flu like symptoms.

No red bull, no play, no energade, no meat. I was starting to feel like consuming death by the Friday afternoon. I had my meals at same times as every day before. It was just horrible. And then my super sexy awesome man came to the rescue. ONE super big ass coffee. Nice and strong with a single teaspoon of sugar. Being the police man of the diet, he felt it was a deserved spoon full. I didn't argue I didn't complain. AND it saved my life.

The weekend we had a braai, and I was content with my soup. Infact it might have made me a hero. I was constantly praised. "You have such will power." "How can you just have a soup, and no meat, it is a braai."  "I admire what you doing."  So as a prize I got a minute piece of chicken, less than 5mm by 5mm. So tiny that it made me sad. But it was the best taste in the world. It gave me hope to last another week. Or at least till the next measure day.

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