Thursday, December 1, 2011

Content in my corner.

I have this strange feeling of content, with a nasty little feeling of stress in the seams. I hate days like this. New mattress came this morning, slightly damp, on the outside. Haven't taken off the plastic wrap yet. Too scared. I think I will go ballistic if that is the case. I am waiting for the man of the house to make his appearance, so he can inspect it.

I am planing on making a subsection of the blog dedicated to the diet. Thinking of putting some before, during and after shots on. As well as a chart with measurements, and weight. I am not scared of telling people this. I think that is why I've been finding dieting and eating absolutely nothing for a month, so easy. (It's not nothing, but after a while it starts to feel like nothing.)  I started eating meat on Monday again! It's so awesome. Like the best food I've had in YEARS. It is weird I know.

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