Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Once a Prawn a time...

My love treated me to a seafood platter on Sunday afternoon, as it was my "sin" weekend. I started yesterday with the Cambridge program. I don't like calling it the whole name, and my reasons are slightly personal at this stage.

We were enjoying a prawn or 10 on Sunday, and talking about the whole idea of people and their perspectives, and opinions. Now some of you know, I sometimes have a real difficult time keeping my opinions to myself. I've gotten myself, and my love into serious trouble with some people. Personally I think if you make yourself out to be a friend, you should be able to take a friends opinion for what it is worth.

So we were discussing perspectives. Firstly I noted that there is a SERIOUS problem with some peoples child rearing skills, especially the table outside. I told my love that I have been re-evaluating my life.  Thinking how to better myself. First of, gaining confidence and losing 15kg's, secondly, New job.  If the order of that changes it won't matter, the main ingredients stay the same.

Returning to my perspectives and opinions. I've gone on rediscovery of me. Of what I want, and how I will get it. Doing this makes one sometimes hate yourself. It is a necessary task. In doing this my way of thinking has slightly changed, and my perspective is a more 'external' one than usual. I love to observe people. And in doing so I learn allot about myself as a human being and the humans themselves. I've decided to make little mental notes on how I would have perceived and how I should perceive. Now this is not an easy task in all situations. You get upset and you tend to think with your 'primitive instinct' brain, instead of rational and logic response. And if you are me, you tend to become slower during this process. :P 

Today is a difficult day, day 2 of the diet. It is going as expected, but for the hunger. And this too shall pass. Here is to eating a prawn real soon again.

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