Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Meat me

I've done exceptionally well on the diet front. 4kg's! one week. Sjo. Well I still want meat. It's the only drawback so far. Other than that, I'm not hungry. I'm not wanting anything else.

I have a minor other issue. I really want a new job. Really really badly in the Stock market! That is my home. I miss it. The excitement. The stress. The relieve. The reward. They are another type of human. My type of human. Some people don't like them at all. I say, I hate all humans, and was it not for the single minded trader mind I would have killed most humans. It is truly amazing if you fully comprehend it. I speak of them as if they are super humans. They are. If you look at what they do... Not everyone can use their full comprehension like that. I can't. I haven't even tried. I don't dare. I miss that.

I sound a little crazy. But there is no greater thrill that waiting to see if a position was a good one, even though somewhere the odds were not entirely in your favour! Yes there is sadness. There is loss too... but that is soon forgotten with each victory. I miss that.

Aaah. I am still indecisive about what to study next. Not that there is finances for this activity. It is between Economy and Law. Yes. I'm a numbers person. If I could I would do something like actuary. But, no university would allow me into that with my Matric. That is why kids, never listen to you parents. Your matric does not make you... YOU make your matric. And it starts off in Std 6 (Grade 8).  This makes me think of point B.

I had the weirdest dream last night. It was a mix of 'funky royal wedding' and 'high school glamour/prom' party. I dreamed I was invited as 'special' guest of the Bride and Groom of the royal family. I was dressed like a dream... And it was no ordinary dress. It fit perfectly. It was deep royal blue, and in a similar style to this one. I looked so sexy in it. Everyone wanted to be with me at the party, which was on this roof of this skyscraper. I had the perfect shoes. It was WoW! Freaky as hell. If this is what 4 kgs can do to my ego... just imagine what will happen when I lost all 22kgs!

Ah to be young again.

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