Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ah, how wonderful life is...

It was recently discovered that the overall intelligence of the world has dropped. Now overall intelligence is not just capacity to be clever, it is emotional, social and general cleverness. Admittedly I myself have a touch of Aspergers, but I don't let it hinder my everyday life.

During the child life, I did not comprehend most aspects of human interactions. Almost every single situation felt foreign to me. I had friends, but was often told that..."one does not act that way".  I simply didn't understand the concept of being a teenager. I acted the way I wanted others to act. I still do. Treat others the way you wish to be treated, act the way you want others to act. This is, was and will always be my main motto. Therefore I am probably one of the most un-normal persons other people meet. I've been recently, during dream study, trying to reconcile my 'misfit' behaviour with 'normal cool' kid behaviour. (Dream study is the use of controlling dreams to determine outcome, and proceedings and manipulating the dream to change the past, or resolve issues. It took me a while to master it, but I am getting pretty good at it.)  I know it is not a real actual event, but I am able to work through some pretty huge crap. Having arguments and winning them. Changing a past event, only if it is in a dream, to heal broken hearts, mend fences.

I noticed that in certain cases, where someone or something used to bother me immensely, after the resolve and peace in the dream study, I became somewhat indifferent. It no longer bothered me that I didn't handle it differently or that I didn't say that, or didn't do that. I was able to heal my 'hang ups'.  Yes, this could mean I am becoming an even bigger freak. Here is this girl that never got to be the lead in anything, and she is content, not because she is a misfit and knows it, because it doesn't matter to her any more. It was fixed in a dream study.

Now you probably wondering... what does anything have to do with anything? The world offends me. It really does. There are very few 'instances' of worldly interaction that I like. If it was up to me, I would have a licence to kill who and what ever I felt like, when I felt like it. It would be justified. Every single killing. Reason, result.

I can do this in dream study. I called it study, because it takes roughly 7 to 15 dreams, recurring, to study a situation, learn from it, resolve it, and move on. I was asked recently, why I was indifferent to something someone said to me... And my answer was, why should it have mattered to me in the first place? It is not that I don't care about people etc. It is just that I am done being the underdog, the saddling. I have a rightful place in this world, and it is not being trampled on, or being used as a wipe. I know it will still take years to undo and 'reprogram' 28 years of unhappiness. But little by little I will win this fight.

Next time you ask me, or yourself, 'Why is she acting this way?' Remember that I will not be the 'underling'.

Coming back to the world and it's sad state. It is really starting to become apparent, that there is no more 'general knowledge' and that the 'average' is now more like the below standard.  Just go read some advice forums or help forums. I pity the world.

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