Friday, October 21, 2011

Healthy apreciation for what is happening.

Now most of you know me as Sunita. Some of you think you know me. Hell I surprise myself mostly. I've decided to write in my spare time. So it will be a learning experience for you and me, about me and you, and this thing called blogging. So first of, a quick recap on standard me.

I am a female. I like / love my man (men). I am not yet 30, but close too. Recently decided that I have too write about me and my life to achieve freedom from my own mind, because the as the title says... it's a lunatics way. I'm focusing on a new long-term life goal, as my previous one was suddenly achieved last year, by a happy accident. But I still have no idea as to what this goal should be.

I like playing computer games, and have recently taken on WOW. Now to those who do not know what 'digital heroin' is, it is World of Warcraft. And yes. It is true that some people have no life outside of WOW, but I think I do. It has something to do with my commitment issues, or procrastination. I just don't get caught up in most things like some people to. But this will be a whole publish on its own.

I am over weight. Nice. I can say it out loud and to the whole freaking world. And here comes the cliché part, it is my hormones and my genes. (Has anyone seen my parents?!). It is a constant struggle, and a daily source of part of my crazy. Hell getting dressed is more fun than trying to fit my butt in a bath.

I have great friends. Though they are few. They are awesome. And they differ in age, race, size and in almost every manner, except they are all my friends. Which is strange.

I live in a country filled with the best freaks around. We could not be blessed with anything better. And sometimes I will voice my opinion about the politics and the heretics, but remember that it's an opinion, and it's mine and I don't judge yours, so don't you dare judge me.

For now I'm signing off. Might have some 'interesting' news later on.

Oh, the main reason I'm running a blog is basically because, Facebook is too childish. And you can't type 5000 words into a thought thingy.

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